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Security threats constantly change and evolve. We take extra precautions here at DPFT to

Create secure password

ensure that your information is kept safe and you should too! #BeCyberSmart during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond with these tips:

Own It.        • Limit the personal information you share on social media and think          carefully before accepting new friend requests.        • Update privacy settings so your social networks are only           accessible to people you know.        • Download apps from reputable sources, review user          agreements and delete apps you don’t use.

Secure It.        • Create strong, unique passphrases.        • Use multifactor authentication like text and email notifications or           biometric identification.        • Stop and think before clicking links or opening attachments           in emails, instant messages and online posts.        • Shop safely online. Before entering personal information, be sure           the company is reputable and encrypts your information. Be           alert for auction scams and too-good-to-be-true offers.

Protect It.        • Update your devices with the latest security software, web browser           and operating systems.        • Avoid using public computers and Wi-Fi networks for private or           financial matters.

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